PNPCoda Login: Know Everything about PNP CODA Portal

PNPCoda Overview:

PNPCODA stands for ‘Philippines National Police’s COVID-19 data and analysis’. It is a government website that provides all information about pandemic situation worldwide and analysis database for Covid-19 vaccination in the Philippines. Is is online portal that saved data of vaccination both Philippines natives and police officers about 26,000 policemen currently working under PNP CODA. So in this portal saved all information about police officers are first refused to vaccinate or not vaccinated.


If you want to get the data then follow some instructions. In this portal user create personal account because all staff members have one account and generated password.

If you want free logging into PNPCoda portal without any issue then follow some guidelines and learn here about login, sign up and how to recover when forget password.


How to Login PNP Coda?

If you want login on PNPCoda portal then must you have your ID and Password. If you have then followed below steps:

·         Firstly you need to connect your device with internet

·         Then open PNP coda website on your browser:

·         Click login option and put details as user name and password

·         Click on login button.

But some time have an issue on website and not open in your system when some people using VPN access a regional website outside that region. But if you are not want VPN then try some below points.

·         Check internet connection

·         restart your computer

·         Reconnect internet

·         Check on new browser or use Incognito(private) window


PNPCoda. Net

·         Firstly, open website on your system

·       Then enter details as user name, email id or phone number and date of birth. Then select Next button

·     Enter verification code you get on your mobile or email. Then select Next button

·         And finally login PNPCoda platform to use all features


Signup PNPCoda:

·         Follow some steps if you want to sign up on PNP coda portal:

·         Open site on your browser:

·     Fill sign up or registration form with your details as user name, email id and phone number. Click Next button

·         Get conformation code on your registered phone number or email id

·         Enter conformation code and click on Next button.


Important Notice:

PNPCoda platform use to access traffic simultaneous nationwide vaccination and the extra module of the self-assessment, and inflow to access traffic. Give you high priority of swab testing in crime, Pro11 and Pro7 as well as nationwide vaccination roll out, PNPCODA team is making every effort to accommodate everyone and give limited resources.


Benefits and Features of Pnpcoda:

Pnpcoda website or portal is secure and well managed, handle data on all Filipino citizens. Divide all data into two groups such as Armed citizens and non-armed citizens. But this web portal process and handle all information with high-security system.

·         Pnpcoda is a secure website

·         It is a government website

·         It’s monitors vaccination status of all Philippines living in the country

·    It’s working with gigantic measures of information clear and easy to use for everyone.


The Pros of Pnpcoda:

·         It has a user friendly interface so makes working very easy for every user.

·         It’s allowed a lot of individuals to learn new topics in a limited time period.

·         Every part of an administration must be addressed.




What is Pnpcoda?

Ans:Pnpcoda is a website in Philippines that track record of those people who has been vaccinated or not according to world health organization. This site used by the government and some authorized user.


How to Create a QR Code Using website?

Ans: Get QR code on Pnpcoda website by the labourers should give their record number, pay stub, or date of birth and for the Civilians giving the date of birth is must.

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