Explanation of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

You come across a variety of food packaging types like bottle and jar when groceries and markets go. And you see some foods come in tightly sealed plastic. Some are wrapped in foils and others are packed in bags. And you’ll also see some boxed packaged goods and bagged packaged goods. Each food packaging different type and has its some advantages and disadvantages in terms of disposal, recycling, health and convenience.


Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods

Then bottled and jarred packaged goods are also their convenience, which is a big part in packaging of goods. And sealed the items in glass or plastic cans, bottles and jars to preserve their freshness. The most common food like water, soda, milk and juice stored in bottled and jarred packaged goods and foods like condiments, meats, fruits and vegetables etc.


Styles of Glass Bottles and Jars:

Glass Bottles and Jars are many styles like as:

Glass Jars- In food and beverages glass jars are a common container. And its come with many shapes and size, can be sealed airtight, and are used to store such items as jams, sauces, honey, pickles etc.

Economy Round Jars- To store anything from snacks to crafts best container is round jars. So the round jars used everywhere as home and office.

Paragon Jars- Water storage used paragon jars. These are made from food-grade materials and used for storing water.

French Square Jars – French square jars are popular in the United States for store tea, coffee, sugar, & other dry items. Its shape rounded base and straight sides according to Western-European style.

Standard Spice Jar- It is a little larger than the average spice jar and its made of glass and has a clear lid. These are classic jars and used to storage food in the modern world.

Glass Bottles- Glass Bottles are made with melted glass and sand.  Firstly glass is heated until it melts and then the molten liquid is formed into the desired shape.

Boston Round Bottle- These bottles are in cylindrical shaped with rounded shoulders and a small neck at the top. And it’s used to storing liquids like sauces, salad dressings, and oils.

Olive Oil Bottles – These bottles are used for a long time and they are still popular among consumers for their convenience.


Types of Material Used for Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods:

Some of the most popular packaging types of goods are:


Plastic and Glass Bottles:

In packaged goods the most popular type is plastic bottles. Most of the person prefer plastic bottle because it is flexible, affordable and easy to convenient. On the business way continue using bottles then switch to glass option. Because glass is friendlier to the environment and versatile packaging material.


Glass Canisters:

Another best option is glass canisters because they are renewable, recyclable and durable. And they are come in a square shape but they are also available in different thicknesses, sizes and shapes and also come with airtight lids. Glass jars and container keep your food in good environment and prevents them contamination and spoilage.


Metal Containers:

In business food industry use metal containers to store some food items. These containers are usually made of tin-plated steel and don’t easily react to acidic foods. Other advantages it is dependable and durable.


Wooden Packaging:

Wooden packaging used in many business or brands to store goods because it is good for products and their environment. Wooden packaging is made from parts of trees so it is rich in texture and appearance. It is also reusable, biodegradable and renewable.


Cardboard Packaging:

Cardboard bottled and jarred packaged goods are not more affordable than glass packaging and also sustainable. And it is best alternative to plastic, aluminium and tinplate. So cardboard packaging also has low production costs.


Pros and Cons of Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods:



1. Hygienic: You can thermally pack your foods in glass jars and avoid spoilage. Because bottles and jars get high marks in this area other than glass canisters. And they don’t oxidise, affect the emit harmful radiations. And cleanliness is a priority in packaging goods.

2. Long-term storage: In bottle and jar you can store your food for a long time period because it is scalable and affordable solutions to properly store the rest of your goods without worrying about the time duration.

3. Transparency: Most of the bottled and jarred are made transparent. So you can see easily what is inside or recognize the product without opening it.

4. Eco-friendly: Glass bottle and jar are made more friendly to the environment and recyclable. So many of the businesses use huge glass jars for their good items.

5. Convenient: Glass bottles and jars are easy to use and can be kept anywhere.



1. Expensive: Glass is a fragile packaging material so it is more expensive compared to other packaging materials.

2. Fragile packaging: Bottles and jars are looking good and they can be heavy and difficult to carry. If you are not handling carefully they can be break easily.


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