Complete Guide of DPET to PHP Converter

Dpet to PHP:

Engaging virtual games and get collectable and rewards as DeFi token is possible with DeFi pet. The virtual pet game, DeFi and your persona deliver to you with a virtual game experience. You can get back in game with the help of supported network on Binance smart chain and kardia chain. Game player have to collect monsters and new generation monsters to take battle and trade the monsters on trading platform to increase the collection.

In Philippines country people enjoy playing the game.

Dpet to Php

What is DEPT?

DEPT is famous virtual pet game and played in Philippines. The virtual pet game blends the DeFi, collectibles and persona. In virtual pet game DEPT use native in game currency in game and ticket symbol is my DeFi pet token.

This currency is used for upgrading the pet, trading, exchange and up the level of monsters with special abilities in first phase. The game support kardia chain, supported network and Binance smart chain.

Before investing please check current Dpet token to Php value

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Founder of DPET Token:

Anh Tran – Game Developer

Liem Thai – Game Creator

Tiep Vu – Game Growth Hacker

Tommy Le – Game Marketer

Tri Phem – Advisor, Co-Founder and Ceo of Kardia chain

Dpet Token to PHP Live Value:

Dpet token value in Philippine Peso is 49.35 PHP and equal to one DPET token. It keeps fluctuating so inverters please live value of token before investing.

How to Buy DPET Tokens?

  • DPET token are available on BSC or Kardia Chain
  • First, You create wallet on BSC and add BSC to your account
  • Select exchange and search token using the contract address
  • Click on the token
  • Enter amount you want to buy
  • Please check Dpet token to PHP value use converter
  • Convert your BSC into DPET token and transfer it your wallet


Q. What is official site of DPET?


Q. What is Dpet token value in PHP?

Ans. 49.35 PHP

Q. What is DPET token contract address?

Ans. Contract address is 0xfb62ae373aca027177d1c18ee0862817f9080d08


DeFi Pet is a virtual game and upgrading the features of game use DEPT currency with special abilities. Inverters must check live value of Dpet token to PHP before investing because token value in PHP keeps changing.

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