How Technology Consulting Services will Empower the Digital Landscape

Technology Consulting Services

Modern technologies are making a digital disruption with digital transformation trends by including innovation in the projects. For a few companies, it is easier to make a digital transformation, but others are still stuck. We all know about the ‘survival of the fittest’ theology, so technology consulting services can help you wisely if you want to survive. The traditional digital growth methods are becoming obsolete, as technology consultation is required for major areas like Cybersecurity, the inclusion of AI, Cloud Computing, etc. The benefit of digital transformation consulting is that it will improve organizational efficiency, drive innovation, and enhance the customer experience.

Digital transformation consulting providers are helping companies use the collected data better. Woodside, a popular Oil and Gas company in Australia, needed to retain the data collected by their senior engineers. They aim to cut costs by 30%. The company focuses on reliability, security, efficiency, and environmental performance when producing LNG natural gas cooled down in condensed liquid form.

However, COVID-19 caused the volatility in crude oil prices that led to the hassles in LNG development in the company. So, the engineers needed to deploy the right technology to reduce production costs and increase product efficiency. The provider of digital transformation services will provide strategic ways to create value.

IBM helped Woodside with its AI-powered system, Watson, to automate the operations. It will help the company with material optimization, contract management, predictive maintenance, and inventory management across the natural gas plants, rigs, and networks. Consulting firms like IBM are providing transformation accelerators. It helped the company to centralize its processes so that employees from every department could work towards LNG production and sales in the right market.

An intelligent workflow design helped bring employees and new hires from each department to scale the transformation and revamp the critical organization’s operations. Moreover, IBM helps curate IT strategies for software development, as they developed an innovative and functional model for the company, namely Woodside Accelerator. It will help the natural gas company identify problems and get workable solutions early.

Source: IBM

Strategic Analysis Of Technology Consulting Services Data

Generative AI is already booming, providing companies with digital transformation and other IT-managed services. By using Generative AI, the IT Consulting Industry can tap into areas that are still untouched. It is helping companies to embrace the new technologies. The Global generative market is already valued at $13.7 billion and will grow to $165 billion by 2032. Venture Capital Investments in this technology and tech consulting are already up by 425%.

The major digital transformation technologies are AI, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. The application of the digital transformation strategy will help with embracing technological efficiency. The technological market has reached over $490 billion. Moreover, 90% of the companies have already adopted cloud technology. More than 30% of the companies plan to run the digital transformation programs.

According to Statista, the IT consulting and implementation market is already $67.82 billion by 2023. Experts predict to grow at a CAGR of 5.11% between 2023 and 2028. Major revenue from digital transformation solutions is generated in the US. It is valued at $24,540 million in 2023.

Strategic Analysis Of Technology Consulting

Source: statista

Technology investments are booming, with consulting companies helping organizations make valuable investments. Over $1 trillion has been invested in technology consulting and adopting modern technologies. 50% of the investments will maintain the companies’ resilience, security, and privacy.

How to Choose the Right Technology Consultants?

The digital transformation services provider companies are rapidly increasing to help industries in real time. The new technologies are helping healthcare, financial, supply chain, retail companies, etc. With the right expertise and communication, organizations can perform their work better.

Many technology consulting companies like Tntra are present worldwide. Check out the following areas when selecting a consultant:

  • Drive Innovation in Industries: Choose the technology consulting service provider to drive innovation for you. They must create the right technological solutions to compete in this competitive world. The consultants must devise tailored solutions to help companies excel in today’s competitive world.
  • Wide Industry Experience: Always evaluate the track record of the IT Consulting Industry when choosing your company. You must pick the right consultants who understand your projects and can provide customized solutions. Ensure to select the consultant who can cater to your business needs.
  • Help with Controlling Cost: It is a major factor that helps organizations grow. Hiring a tech consultant who can provide you with ways to achieve controlled costs will push your ROI. The right technology consultant will move your organization towards productivity by controlling extra expenses and channeling your investments.
  • Increase Adaptability: Choose a tech consultant who can adapt to your organization’s culture. Most consultants may advise including modern technologies but fail to work on the company’s budget. Hire a consultant who is flexible and adaptable enough to adjust to your company’s needs and costs. They must remember every minute detail of your organization before making a decision.
  • Never Let You Down: Only hire a digital transformation solutions service provider who is present at the right time with you. Choose a consultant who can support your company and rescue you anytime. It will serve as an icing on the cake.

Partner with the Right Technology Consultants!

Technologies are widely disrupting the way companies are performing. You may fall behind your competitors if you do not use the right technologies at the right time. The future of the digital world depends on modern technologies and innovation. A professional technology consultant like Tntra can help you with your initiatives. Hire the services of our top-notch software product engineering company to get the best results out of the partnership.

Call Tntra digital consultants today and unlock the power of digital transformation!

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