Usi Tech: One of the Biggest Scams Registered in the History

We are living in a society where deceptive attributes are normalized and we as a society know that awareness has become a necessity. However, Cybersecurity is equally giving attention to all sorts of swindling. Shockingly, some huge scandals occurred under the nose of cyber cells that came into the limelight a little late.


Usi Tech


Today, let’s learn everything about USI tech scamsand the table of content for the topic is:

     What is USI tech?

     USI tech’s Working

     Why is the suffix ‘scam’ added after its name?

     USI Tech Scams Cases

     What are the red flags?


What exactly is USI tech?

USI tech stands for United Software Intelligence Technology and is acclaimed for establishing one of the giants in the vertical Bitcoin (BTC). The company launched in May 2017, with an aim to sell BTC packages to interested traders and miners. Surprisingly, the founders informed that their office was situated in Dubai but later on it came out as a lie. The office was actually located at Ras Al Khaimah.

Initially, the company’s popularity was outreached; many people madly participated in their plan, but, after some time they came into the eyesight of citizens from different nations such as Australia, the United States of America, South Africa, Japan, and Malaysia. They suspect it was a company based on the Ponzi scheme but the question still remains ‘how did the company pull it off in the first place?’


Why is the suffix “SCAM” added after its name?

Well, that’s a legit question and the answer is hidden in the mysterious story of USI tech. We believe some con-artists came together and established the company to scam people. Generally, there is an end number of cryptocurrency platforms worldwide with an added advantage of relevant information about founders and core team members.

When we talk about genuine companies, we look for the transparency that they have with their clients. We hope that our readers can agree on it.

But, in the case of USI Tech, neither had they put in any relevant information about the founder and team members nor could we see any transparency. On top of all that, there are no leads on the products that they are doing business in. It can be concluded as a USI Tech scam.

Our team has investigated more details and got to know about names related to the company. Joao Severino and Ralf Gold are the founders of the project. After diving deep into their history, our team got to know that Severino was blacklisted and terminated from all sorts of financial activity in Portugal as he was involved with another scam company called AMC invest.

The other member, Ralf Gold, has been involved in Ponzi scheme companies. It includes:


     MX Fast Money

     World Consumer Alliance



     APR Clicks

     Upper Game


How is USI tech working?

The company started working in mid-2017. On paper, they are a cryptocurrency-based company. The company mines cryptocurrency based on its clients’ preferences and the mining increases as and when the investment enhances. They offer different packages such as BTC, ETH, ADA, LTC, and many other cryptocurrencies.

To our surprise aka shock, the company has successfully swindled more than 400 million dollars in just two years of opening. And the rest is history.

As per our further investigation, some other points have come up like the security commission of the USA and other countries have been trying to chase the owners of the companies for years. However, some experts have informed us that they are operating from various accounts located in the UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and UAE.

USI tech scamsare still running somewhere, the owners are the real con artists who kept changing the crypto wallets to accept investments from clients. It is one of the biggest scams registered in the history of the crypto BTC market. Many agencies like SEC, FBI, FCA, BTIC, and CFTC are still searching for more information and data or any lead that would be helpful to reach out to owners.


USI Tech Scam Cases

Case 1

Many people got scammed, it is not just one country that traps a big snatcher here. But, they seem aggressive toward police departments for lack of action.

USI Tech is a platform that acclaimed a 140% boost in 140 days as an automatic bitcoin trade. The website bragged about how “USI Tech opened up the world of crypto finance and the excellent profits it has brought with it as no other company before has.” “We are enabling smaller investors to finally get involved in the Forex and Bitcoin markets and acquire real success.”

They play mind games while investors think they are giving 35% commission to promoters who are actually robbing more people in the USI Tech scam.

Here’s a case study of Mirrors, who confronted two prompters who were trying to convince new members at a recruitment session in a Merseyside hotel.

Sharon James Boasted- “ I earn as much as footballers”, whereas, Tracey Peake stated- “ I earn while I sleep.”


Case 2

One more victim of the USI Tech Scam, Essex from Romford, describes in an interview about the Action Fraud as “not fit for purpose” but he didn’t forward his case to any investigating officer. The poor fellow, who invested $2650, has compiled a group of 60 other victims in the UK.

This is just one case we have shared but in the future, you can research more on such cases and mark yourself updated.


What are the red flags in USI Tech?

     There are differentiated answers-it means no valid answer on who is running it and how it functions.

    Both Joao Severino and Ralf Gold have connections with a scamming world and they have been prevented from commencing financial businesses by governments of some countries.

     Currently, there are no signs of USI tech but it could be operating from some platforms. They ran away with investors’ money.

  There are no insights into their profit generation with the so-called trading software.

 USI Tech has been sabotaged by the governments of the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

     The platform promises profit, it is enough to shift from USI Tech


Last Words


We are sorry for the people who lost a big amount of money in this scam. For people who are doing a day-in-and-out job as bitcoin investors, we would really like to push you to do your own research in the future. 


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