Myflexbot: Everything you need to know About Myflexbot

Myflexbot is fully secure and customizable auto grabber app for Amazon Flex blocks or offers. In this include many features as auto accept, speed control, advanced filters, logs, email notifications, automation settings, text notifications etc. This is new app in market and helps your business automate some of the tedious tasks involved in processing orders. MyFlexBot made with intuitive design and process your order faster and easier than ever before.


It is a mobile app that automates your tedious tasks involved in processing orders.

What is Myflexbot Auto Grabber?

Myflexbot auto grabber app is free and easy to use that helps you keep track of your daily fitness goals. Daily monitor your exercise activity and sends alerts your target levels for the day or week and also allow suggestions how to improve your fitness level. Myflexbot Auto Grabber app is available in Google Play and App Store.

How Does Work Myflexbot Auto Grabber App?

MyFlexBot Auto-Grabber is a mobile app that helps you to take automatically image and video your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) transactions and track your FSA spending and to help you without any mistakes.

·         Firstly open MyFlexBot auto grabber app on your smartphone.

·         Then select “Add Transactions”

·         Enter date and time of each transaction.

·         When complete above step app automatically capturing images and videos of your FSA transactions.

MyFlexBot Auto-Grabber app easily tracks your FSA spending so it is very helpful. And also help you avoid mistakes by automatically captured images and videos of your transactions.

Benefits of MyFlexBot Auto Grabber App:

MyFlexBot Auto-Grabber app get most out of your work day and save your time and you can focus on more important things. App allows you to automatically grab photos and videos from email, social media and other digital sources.

Using Si Auto-Grabber app keeps your data safe and secure. Because these app use cutting-edge technology to protect your information by unauthorized individuals.

With the help of Si Auto-Grabber app make great way to your workflow and make life easier. Capture your photos and videos from digital sources very easy.

How to Use MyFlexBot Auto-Grabber App?

MyFlexBot Auto-Grabber App is a digital app that makes your daily tasks by automating them. With the help of this app you can grab images videos and text easily from the internet. Using this app also create simple or complex tasks performed automatically. You can install or download it on your phone and use easily.

·         Firstly install or download app from the App Store or Google Play

·         After downloaded the app you can open it and sign on it

·         Next select category of your task. And you can select images, text and videos.

·         After your instruction app start grabbing material from the internet and take it into a queue from you.

·     After finished grabbing materials you tap X in top right corner to finish the task.

Is the MyFlexBot Auto-Grabber App Safe?

MyFlexBot auto-grabber app is a safe, secure and easy to use in your smartphone. Simple login on the app and add triggers and actions, finally you are ready to go. You can also add triggers and actions to make sure your automatons run exactly as you want. So it is safe and simple way to create powerful automaton on your phone.

How to use MyFlexBot App on your iPhone?

Using the MyFlexBot app you can save your money and time. There are some things to remember before you start using it:

Block grabbers:

Against the terms and conditions of the service you can use third-party software for Amazon Flex. If you are using a bot then you get lose your gig and get blocked. You automate tapping on your mobile device using an auto-clicker. Finally, if you use auto clicker then you breaking the terms of services.

You get more blocks by using Amazon Flex bots. MyFlexBot app work automatically refreshing your Amazon Flex app and release new offers to earn extra cash.

Flexomatic app:

Flexomatic app is great way to grab blocks from Amazon Flex without any manual action. Its connect to your Amazon Flex account using an API and getting blocks automatically return if you have forfeited and customize your work preferences.

Flexomatic app for myflexbot is great way to learn more things about Amazon Flex and help you to understand blocks as available, which are most desirable and how to claim them easily and quickly.


With auto tapper automatically grab items from your Amazon Flex account and save your time and hassles. Device connect to your phone and perform the task of capturing objects and automatically scans your account for unused blocks and retrieves.

Flipboard FLEX Bot:

With Flipboard FLEX Bot you can easily create workflows and automate several tasks and customized workflows based on your specifications. Its use also to manage deadlines and align your goals.


It is best app to keep your business organized and functioning smoothly. With the help of this app you can grow your business activity and reduce potential mistakes.

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