What is PCNOK and how does it works?

Now days to improve the status and spread of networks every business need technology. So at this modern time medical science is the most highlighted zone of networking service is called PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma). The organization of PCNOK in the United State and supports patients in 77 counties in Oklahoma. And it is associated by nineteen Oklahoma Community Health Centers. If you want to know everything about PCNOK then come to right place we will discuss in depth about the goals, services, benefits and technologies they provide.


What is PCNOK?

PCNOK means Patient care network of Oklahoma. It is health science technology and access to patients in digital way. It’s used to increasing in everyday surveys and improves the care of patients. Pcnok is fundamental solution to support chronically ill patients and it has important role in digital health. Its provide health advice and rehabilitation services to patients in every way. Doctors handle the old age of patients with tech based solution at home when the pandemic situation patient do not cover social distancing. Then doctor resolve online solutions or services for health-related issues.

In PCNOK 25 employees working with Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, all of them working hard and best healthcare services provide to everyone. PCNOK organization main aim to provide the best treatment of every patient and obtain the organization data. It has more than 500 customer running small businesses to government agencies. PCNOK has three main missions are:

1. Enhanced Healthcare through innovative ideas

2. Deliver smarter spending options

3. Ensure better health for people

How Does It Work?

PCNOK provides a modern technology solution for patients and it has been implemented in the medical science field that allows all patients to take advantage of this technology. Its allow close monitoring of the patient health that are distance from the hospital.

Those patients are de-hospitalized or suffer from painful chronic illnesses then with the help of this technology allows healthcare professionals doctors at home.  With the help of this technology doctors provided solution for their patients that follow long-term therapy and monitored at certain intervals. Finally with the help of PCNOK technology treatment of patient at home online those are not able to go hospital.

The most useful features of this technology is remote monitoring, proactive attention to patients, constant monitoring and immediate operation center connectivity are included.

Benefits of PCNOK:

This type of modern technology comes with a numbers of benefits. It is not only for patients but benefits for healthcare. Here are some benefits below:

Benefits for Patients:

PCNOK provide monitoring and tracks the patients’ health status. Its support secure, safety and strong bond of patients at the time of treatment. When patients get health condition in critical situation and save patients life.

Benefits with Family Members:

In PCNOK assure of constant supervision of patient health conditions with proper solutions so this technology gives benefits to patents family members.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals:

It is useful for healthcare professional because it is active and smart monitoring patents at home. During critical time doctors are available in the presence of treatment.

Benefits for SSN:

With the smart detecting feature of this technology PCNOK reduces emergency room situations. And gives home access to patients with remote assistance.

Some Additional Information about PCNOK:

PCNOK is an organization that improving its services all over world with practical solutions and innovation in technology that are beneficial for all parties to involved.

1. Easily Accessible to Everyone

All members of PCNOK can access the service using self-pay, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. And also provided discount on cash pay patients under 200% of poverty, some conditions are follow based on proof of income and eligibility.

2. Sway

PCNOK organization helps all those people across 77 belongs to the state and come from diverse regions.

3. Solutions and Innovation:

PCNOK all members work together or in an organization to innovation in advance care delivery, Telehealth, care teams, integration of mental health and health coaches into the scope of primary care.

4. Leadership

PCNOK goal is work with leadership perspective to strong leveraging community collaborations; integration concepts and incorporating social health to determinants and help people find better health.

Some Facts about PCNOK:

·         In PCNOK industries include physicians, hospitals and clinics, Get total revenue of 1.1$ millions.

·     The growth of PCNOK revenue and market share is very low as compare to other organizations.

·         It has slow growth rate and has only 25 employees.

PCNOK Member Organizations:

·         Community Health Connection Inc.

·         Family Medical Center of Oklahoma Inc.

·         Community Health Centers Inc.

·         Short grass Community Health Center Inc.

·         Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center.

·         Family Health Center East Central Oklahoma.

·         Stigler Wellness and Health Center, Inc

·         Great Salt Plains Health Center.

·         Lawton Community Health Center.

·         Morton Comprehensive Health Services Inc. etc

Final Words


Finally, PCNOK provides an opportunity for everyone to access it technology various healthcare purposes and affordable for both patients and their families. They cover 77 countries in Oklahoma state, so you will be almost able to find an organization near you and easily apply for this program for those people think about healthcare.


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