Bitcoiva: Get Complete Guide of Bitcoiva

What is Bitcoiva?

Bitcoiva is crypto-trading platform of Next-generation that supports various forms of transactions such as Crypto to Crypto trading, Fiat to Crypto trading and direct purchase option and launched in June 2020. With the help of Bitcoiva you can fast, instant and easy transactions. Its hold a coin token called BCA (bitcoiva) with the volume of 21 million which is equal to bitcoin volume. Bitcoiva is the Fast-growing and India most leading crypto exchange. And you can download Bitcoiva mobile app for Android phone on Google play.


How to buy Bitcoiva BCA?

·    Firstly you can check CoinMarketCap where you can buy Bitcoiva and with which currencies. Tap on the button labeled “Market” and see the price list you can select them and purchase. If you want to purchase BCA with the U.S. Dollar then look for BCA/USD.

·    It has many platforms so please do research and pick a platform to make your purchase.

·     Every platform has a different way as some are very easy to use and other not so you make the purchase on your chosen platform


Features of Bitcoiva:


1. Safe and Secure:

Bitcoiva is completly safe and secure against the malicious attack. So you can store your crypto with the user friendly interface wallet and its infrastructure with highly protection.


2. Payment Options:

Bitcoiva gives best payment options to the traders and accepting payments through IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, UPI, etc.


3.  Instant Swap:

With the help of bitcoiva you can swap your currencies without difficulty and instantly. With the instant swap option choose one crypto, asset or fiat and enter the quantity of asset.


4. Spot Exchange:

The spot exchange is terms of spot trading where the traders buy and sell cryptocurrency immediately. And with the spot exchange feature done your transaction immediately and amount will be transferred to your wallet quickly.


5. Peer to Peer:

Bitcoiva works in Peer to Peer mode and buyers can directly pay to sellers.


6. Lending:

With the best interest rate bitcoiva allows you to lend your digital assets easily and your funds get released at any time and saving funds released after the completion date.


7. Future Trading:

In bitcoiva invest now and earn more in future. In future trading give a chance for the investors to earn more if you are investing an amount in thousands and you will certainly gain lakhs in the future.


Pros and Cons of Bitcoiva:


·         In this you can trade all of the most popular coins and cryptocurrency on the exchange.

·         There are no limit and restriction on trading strategies.

·         Its use free of cost and a profitable referral program with a good bonus.

·         It is safe, secure and simple to use.

·         There is instant exchange and purchase process.


·         It has no demo platform for training.

·         Only Indian rupees are represented

·         And it has no detailed statistics.



Qus. Can you deposit fiat on Bitcoiva?

Ans. Yes, you can deposit fiat on Bitcoiva.

Qus. Can you buy crypto on Bitcoiva with credit card?

Ans. No, currently you can’t buy it.

Qus. Does Bitcoiva have a mobile app?

Ans. No, Bitcoiva exchange currently doesn’t have an official mobile app.

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