Overview of Polk Audio Buckle Headphones

Today the super-saturated market of over-ear headphones is Polk audio buckle with latest addition and design. Its design is unique and by renowned American maker Polk Audio so it is called belt-imitating design. Its speaker is best for home speakers and car stereos and manufactures with a broad spectrum of other audio products as amplifiers and FM tuners.

Polk Audio Buckle

It has many qualities like a distinctive design, rugged parts, a snug fit and satisfactory audio quality etc.  But there are some imperfections because it is very disconcerting with premium price. But cannot be considered the best headphone in this price range. Today majority of the over-ear headphones is with a basic design with black color and using basic materials and unique design.

Polk Audio Buckle Design:

The design of these headphone is an ergonomically with pivoting ear cups that are conforms to the shape of your head for a snug and secure fit. Stitched the overhead brown band with a silver belt buckle on the ear cups. The belt of buckle is cool to the touch because it’s made of a matte-finished metal. The outer part of ear cup is painted brown and made out of plastic and soft cushion pads so give rest on your ears and very comfortable for ears.

The headphones are comfortable to wear for a long time period because it’s make headphone hefty used sturdy materials and the belt buckle design. So it is very lighter headphones compare to other brands.

These headphones allow you to connect a heavy-duty rubber made detachable brown cable because it has 3.5mm headphone jack.

Finally the controller of this headphone is unique and user friendly and the box also include a 3.5mm to a quarter-inch adapter.

Polk Audio Buckle Features:

·       Polk audio buckle headphone batteries are made out of Lithium Ion.

·      First time come on 20th Sep, 2013 after that it’s still being manufactured of the product is not discontinued.

·     Product dimensions is 3.33 x 6.9 x 7.32 inches, total item weight is 1.8 pounds, brand Polk Audio and model number is AM5118-A.

·         Ratting of this product is 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

Quality of Sound:

The audio sound of these headphones is impressive but it’s not perfect. Because pleasing to the ear with subtle stress on bass and treble. You can distinguish between the low, mid, and high frequencies because they offer a good amount of clarity. However, you get struggles in the upper mid-range and under-emphasized. It is a balanced headphone and its only drawback is real flaw in the sound quality. The bass-boosted parts are not the cleanest of this headphone because felt when listening to heavy bass music.

You are not listening to music at higher volumes because it does not have an active noise cancellation feature.

Finally, if you are not looking for high-end audio then headphone is a good performer.

Polk Audio Buckle Reviews:

Polk Audio Buckle made eccentric design and manufacturing unique-looking speakersand the company has many years of knowledge. It has a good bass and flat mid tone stress grant a great balance between musical frequencies but sound quality is not exactly a high end experience.

Design of front is good and makes it heavier than your ears headphones. Because they made up with the build quality and durable materials. However, it is good choice if you look it design and budget but do not expect perfectly balanced audio.

Pros and Cons of Polk Audio Buckle:


·         Its design unique so unlike anything in the market.

·         It is powerful and distortion free sound.

·         It is rich and well defined mid-range.

·         Use sturdy material used for its manufacturing so it is high durable.

·         It’s offer a good amount of bass.

·         It has built-in iOS control.

·         It’s provides great value for money.


·    When you listening to the bass-boosted songs then a minor distortion can be noticed.

  •      In this headphone mid-range frequencies are invisible to the ears.
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