Top 10 ways to make your website look more professional in 2023

Nowadays, using websites as a lucrative side business is more and more typical. There are still many concepts with just as much potential as e-commerce sites.

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Once you have the perfect business idea, you can start earning money online, and the first step in that process is to create a website. To help you become inspired, we have put together a list of the top website ideas. This essay will examine both common and uncommon business niches—all of which have the potential to be lucrative. Additionally, we will evaluate each website concept and offer advice to increase the chances of your Chicago web design company’s success.

Here we discuss 10 ways to make your website look more professional in 2023:

1.   Grid layout:

In 2023, contemporary web designers will continue experimenting with grids, and an asymmetric style will likely gain even more traction. Many renowned designers use CSS Grid Layout to bring the full functionality of print layout to the web. Grid is a 2D grid layout method for Cascading Style Sheets, a scripting language that specifies the layout of an HTML site page. The Grid enables Chicago web design companies to more simply and reliably construct arrangements for complicated responsive web design across browsers.

2.  Colors in Contrast:

Colors are an essential component of website design, so they would be one of the first things to be considered. The majority of websites would choose complementing colors for their website design. However, the preferred color scheme for website design in 2023 is contrast.

In print media, contrast colors have been popular since the late 1980s and the start of the 1990s. Because of its vibrant colors, this outdated design has become the new standard for websites. The Chicago web designcompany aims for vivid hues to help the text stand out against the background. Neon colors, shapes with multiple borders, and stark contrasts are also incorporated.

3. Photographic and artistic collages:

You should include eye-catching photos that encourage users to stay on your website to maintain interest. You’ll struggle to please your users if you only employ stock photos and royalty-free images. Users lose interest in your website when they discover you’re utilizing free photographs. 2023 will see a rise in embodiments incorporating collages and other artwork forms, such as doodles.

4. Quick Video:

Websites have long been urged to include video. The video is viral! The video is fascinating! It’s the best instrument for online marketing there is! The video is fantastic, but it needs to be planned. Intelligent video is about producing content with both purpose and meaning. The days of adding a YouTube video to your website are long gone. One thoughtful, high-quality video is preferable to a dozen hastily put-together ones. Although not obtrusive, CEI’s use of video in their hero image is striking. It’s a cute visual representation of what they do, offering Raleigh businesses inexpensive printers and copiers.

5. White Space:

Modern internet design, like print magazines, is returning to minimalism through purposeful white space. Like natural currents, white space creates a visual hierarchy where nothing detracts from the total while guiding users around your website’s pages. The breathing room that white space offers lets viewers relax their eyes. Indicating the connections between page elements also facilitates comprehension. Human eyes will perceive two things as one when they are near to one another and have minimal space between them. On the other hand, your eyes will perceive two items individually if they are farther apart.

6. Hero for Full Height Homepage:

Making your homepage hero section full-height can help you focus readers’ attention and provide distraction-free messaging, similar to a giant billboard. Consider full-screen hero parts as a chance to convey a compelling story. Remember that photographs will be cropped differently depending on the browser size. Use an image that will complement the Chicago web design company appropriately.

7. Hero Section in Typography:

When a website page loads, the hero section is the users’ first view. Every website designer, therefore, carefully plans out this part because it has the power to capture or lose the interest of the visitor’s usage of typography in the hero section, as demonstrated by 2023’s website design trends. The hero section still primarily uses graphics, even though the text has been available for a while. Most of the time, the text only enhances the hero section’s visual. However, the reader will dominate the hero section in 2023. That is why the typeface on this website has been made to stand out. Typically, they employ a simple background with a solid color so the text will stand out in the design. Designers also use text animations to draw attention to the typographic hero section. Some people limit their typography to a single line, while others utilize different layouts to give their text a more distinctive look.

8. Organic Forms:

In 2020, widely used geometric designs in website design, but in 2023, organic shapes will rule. Anything that lacks straight lines is considered to have an organic or flowing form. Consider the rough and twisting conditions in nature, such as hills and the borders of a lake or river. An Chicago web design company can be divided into several sections without using sharp angles or lines by using fluid shapes. Additionally, they work well when used in the background, as shown by the way Android employs circles to frame its homepage’s products:

9. Interactivity:

Including interactive parts is a beautiful method to add value to visitors, encourage interaction with your website, and discover more about them. Based on the information entered into your calculator, you are providing value to your visitors while also getting to know them better.

10.       Bordered Style:

Developers and designers adhere to grids while designing a website to ensure that everything on the page is aligned and structured appropriately. When the website becomes online, these grids disappear. Thus that is why they are only there as a guide. However, bordered designs have become increasingly popular on websites in 2023. This website design style features borders that are seen on the page. The division and positioning of the web page’s elements are visible to visitors. This web design Chicago company has the tremendous benefit of clearly separating the parts on each page. It arranges the text and images and keeps the information from being too crowded. Further, it creates it simpler for users to skim the website.


Have our top website design trends given you any ideas for how you want your website to be designed? If so, get in touch with us here and tell us everything. You may count on Crafting Hand to provide an appealing website design. Additionally, we’ll ensure your website is compatible with 2023 website designs and follows the design trends of that year.

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